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To avoid a diplomatic crisis and economic catastrophe, Erdogan is backing down

To avoid a diplomatic crisis and economic catastrophe, Erdogan is backing down

At a press conference he said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan The ambassadors have retreated and that they will be more cautious, and this came after he said at the weekend that he had issued instructions to consider ambassadors of 10 western countries Persona non grata for demanding the release of the businessman Usman Kavala.

In a televised speech after presiding over a cabinet meeting, Erdogan said: “Our goal was not at any time to create crises. This is to protect the rights, laws, dignity and sovereignty of our country.”

He continued, “With the issuance of a new statement from the same embassies today, a step has been taken from this slander of our country and our nation. I trust that these ambassadors will be more careful in their statements regarding Turkey’s sovereign rights.”

He called the ten ambassadors, among them US AmbassadorIn a statement, Kavala, who contributes to the financing of many civil society organizations, has been released and has been imprisoned for 4 years on charges of financing protests across the country in 2013 and involvement in a failed coup in 2016, while Kavala denies the accusations.

The ambassadors’ statement angered Turkey, which said that the ambassadors of Germany, France, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, along with the US ambassador, interfered in Turkish internal affairs.

While Erdogan held a cabinet meeting on Monday afternoon, in which it was possible to confirm the expulsion of the 10 ambassadors and the biggest rift between Turkey and the West since the beginning of Erdogan’s 19-year rule, several embassies issued a short statement.

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US Embassy statement

periods US Embassy On Twitter: “The United States indicates that it continues to abide by Article 41 of the Vienna Treaty on Diplomatic Relations.” Other embassies have posted similar statements or republished the content of the U.S. statement.

A Turkish version of the US statement stated that the embassy “confirms” its commitment to the treaty, a formula that some observers said could be read indicating that the embassies will abide by the treaty in the future.

“The strategic ambiguity at work allows Erdogan’s public relations experts to claim that the West has surrendered, while the English formula gives the impression in the countries of these embassies that the West is firm,” former opposition MP Aykan Erdemir said on Twitter.

Monday’s developments had increased the value of the Turkish lira after it fell to an unprecedented level earlier and amounted to 9.85 lira to the dollar and it was at 17:19 GMT 9.6075 lira to the dollar, as the lira lost nearly a quarter of its value this year.

Turkish economy

And the US Bloomberg Agency quoted informed sources earlier that the senior advisers briefed the Turkish presidency on the possible repercussions on the Turkish economy and the exchange rate of the lira, and recommended that the government not take a step that would actually mean the expulsion of the ambassadors.

Officials told Erdogan’s office that the failure to issue a formal decision on the matter meant avoiding further deterioration in relations with the United States and Germany, Turkey’s largest trading partner.

It’s these deliberations that have prevented the State Department from making an official announcement about the ambassadors so far, Bloomberg sources said.

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It was expected that Erdogan would retract his decision to expel the ten ambassadors, but in a way that saves his face after he made a diplomatic mistake that would have caused severe damage to Turkey, which is under the weight of a financial and economic crisis.