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"To destroy the wind" .. Prince Harry conducts "secret conversations" with Prince Charles

“To destroy the wind” .. Prince Harry conducts “secret conversations” with Prince Charles

Prince Harry and his father, Prince Charles, have reportedly held ‘secret talks’ aimed at improving relations between members of the royal family, which have recently fallen into a public slump.

According to the British “Metro” website, insiders say Queen Elizabeth’s son and her son Prince Harry, who has relinquished his royal duties, are in a “very good” relationship after a series of “friendly” video chats. Thank you Harry for contacting her father.

This family intimacy will pave the way for the Duke of Sussex to come to England to celebrate the 70th anniversary of his grandmother’s accession to the British throne.

At the same time, a source told The Sun, “There is a rift in the relationship between Harry and Charles. The situation is much better, and they have had friendly talks and video calls.”

He continued, “Harry has a feeling he wants to return to his family and be closer to his extended family.”

Harry feared for the safety of his family

Harry, 37, has been traveling to the UK since raising recent concerns about his family’s safety, with several upcoming events including the Prince’s visit to the Prince’s royal family and the commemoration of his late grandfather, Prince Philip, in the spring. Royal Jubilee, which will be officially celebrated in June.

But the Lord of Sussex fears that if he, his wife Megan and their two children Archie, two- and seven-month-old baby Lilliput do not have official protection, it could be very dangerous on the security side.

This has sparked controversy in Britain, with critics claiming that when the prince relinquished his monarchy in 2020, he lost the right to protection of the security forces with taxpayer funding.

Cold in Buckingham

The family’s “indifference” at Buckingham Palace became apparent to the public. He was born.

Megan, whose mother is black and father is white, says her son Archie has been denied the title of “prince” because of the royal family’s concern over “how dark his skin is”.

After meeting Oprah, she said the issues raised at Buckingham Palace, especially those related to race, were of serious concern and would be taken seriously and discussed privately by the family.

After Archie was born, Harry and his wife split from the royal family, resigned their royal positions, and moved to the United States.