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To keep Musk on Twitter, he sells Tesla shares for billions and promises to banks

Elon Musk, Wednesday and Thursday, disposed of 4.4 million shares in Tesla cars, with a total value of one billion dollars (93 billion kroner). According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The businessman also announced that after Thursday, he had not met the day of the Tesla event sale.

It is possible that the plane sold the event on Thursday, not the number mentioned, but it has not reported this to the committee yet. Interested investors, including Musk, need to report purchases and sales to the Securities and Exchange Commission, but they do not have to do so immediately. It will soon appear to me that he has taken more action.

The public sale is still a fraction of what the Tesla entrepreneur owns, as together they own about 170 million shares in this company. Despite her current activities, the scientist, who has been at the forefront since 2008, is still worried that he will not pay attention to her as he has until now. This makes investors nervous. Tesla shares have fallen the most since 2020.

Although Elon Musk is the richest man in the world and at first glance, giving him $44 billion (over a trillion crowns) for socializing with Twitter should not cause any problems, or according to the billion dollar index. Bloomberg Its total name was $252.2 billion (5.8 trillion kroner). The problem, however, is that knowledge of these assets is limited to Tesla stocks and Musk can’t get rid of them significantly.

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Save money, foam content

Musk had to do it Twitter Acquisition I turn to the banks. The team, which, for example, said it meets the salaries of executives and company directors and the total cost of operating the internet platform, cited anonymous sources for Reuters.

So far, he has taken two loans, one worth $13 billion (302 billion kroner) on Twitter stock and the other $12.5 billion (290 billion kroner) he got his shares in Tesla. The rest of the richest planet should pay him.

According to sources quoted by foreign agencies, when negotiating with the bank he was not specific, he laid out his vision for the future of the social network and its way of making profits. And the businessman tweeted in two parts about the idea of ​​canceling the salaries of only the first painting, which, according to him, could cause a dispute at the cost of about one million dollars (70 million crowns). As part of his presentation to the bank, Musk also mentioned the number of jobs at the company.

The loans correspond to about thirteen times the expected earnings for the years of Twitter and taxes and amortization for 2022.

The entrepreneur also told the bank that it is working to develop functionality for the company’s business, including new ways to make money from tweets that contain information or become public, such as group messages. Among his ideas, for example, is that they might charge for a website that quotes pages or quotes tweets from individuals or organizations.

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Foreign media also reports that it is not even certain whether the deal will ever take place. He now doesn’t have access to internal data about the company’s financial results and doesn’t even know how many people are actually working on Twitter.

An anonymous source told Reuters that Musk was preparing the new CEO of Twitter.