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To order on Google Calendar: How to show (not) some "holidays"?

To order on Google Calendar: How to show (not) some “holidays”?

Google Calendar is without a doubt one of the most popular and useful applications Google has ever released to the world. Its practicality and friendliness largely depend on jIf a particular user adopts it According to him. Different personal or corporate calendars, their colors or even the names of events are highly reflected in the final look of the application. In particular, the abundance of materials will make this tool very ineffective. So, in this case we will now show you a way to make the application or web browsing more enjoyable with at least a small change. about this Showcasing or showing off various holidays and important days In the Google Calendar app.

This tutorial has been linked to a new feature recently added to this tool. The new switch, located in the settings, allows a slightly more specific selection of what to display between “holidays”. Previously, this meant not only the days defined by law in the calendar Important dates like st. Valentine’s Day Or Mother’s Day. Now the two groups can be separated. How to do it?

Displays holidays and important days in Google Calendar and (non) Google Calendar

  • Go on Application Or for calendar website settings
  • Scroll down all the way and select Holidays
  • In the selected calendar (if you have more than one), click Add Public Holidays
  • Select the desired country in the menu (you already have Chekia here)
  • Choose whether you want to show only public holidays or other significant days

The last mentioned item is now new and allows you to zoom in on the calendar a bit. Especially in the case of the Czech Republic, the difference is not so serious, but if you do not want to disturb the important days without public holidays, you will be happy with the news. And it is also suitable for those who like Problem in the opposite direction. For some, it may be interesting to see days of social significance abroad, such as in the United States or the United Kingdom.

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