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To Poland whistle

To Poland whistle

A: Since Al-Akhdar won, morale in general is high, and I wish I knew an expert in sociology to explain to me: Why does winning a historic match have an effect many times greater than any other stimulus? Is it because the match in our imagination was bigger than a football game, and that representation here is for the homeland? Is it because the players on the field were on behalf of all of us? I don’t know.. The answer may be all of that and more, but like millions, I have been living for three days now with the victory and I see it in people’s faces and in their conversations. Even those who started talking yesterday about the Poland match, I used to tell them not yet.. Let’s live this victory until The moment the referee blows his whistle for our match against Poland.
Our match against Argentina brought back those feelings that I experienced after our victory over Belgium in 1994, but this time it was more intense, perhaps because the difference between the two times is 28 years, and we desperately needed such a victory, and because the Argentine national team is a candidate for the championship, and because football fans are all over the world. They expected Argentina to win. The difference between the two times for me was not in the years and the circumstances of the match. In the Belgium match, I was surrounded by friends and colleagues when we were watching it. It was easy to find someone around you to embrace after Al-Owairan scored the goal and after the end of the match. As for the Argentina match, I was alone.. I jumped. Alone.. and worried alone.. and rejoiced alone.. I remembered the faces of the 1994 friends, and felt the meaning of being surrounded by the people you love, who love you, and share feelings with them.
Why did our victory over Argentina come as a surprise to the world? Even the English media said that the real start of the World Cup was in Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina. I think the answer is that the result violated all classic expectations. By the way, our victory over Argentina showed that all the predictions that we see on satellite channels have nothing to do with health, and I do not mean here human analysts, but rather the predictions made by TV channels and YouTube channels through birds or animals, and it usually started two or three tournaments ago, I think. Perhaps some people remember the octopus who used to place his hands on the flag of the team that he expected to win. Luck played with that octopus until the final match, whose winner he failed to predict. I later read that he had a meal in the stomach of his owner and his companions.
We have two matches left in the first round. After defeating Argentina, we have the right to be in the round of 16, and it is fair that we are present after the world has praised the level of the green, and after this long time of absence from the round of 16, I was optimistic about the stars of the national team, and I wrote before the World Cup I feel that they have a mixture similar to the stars of the World Cup in America, they have proven that and more, and I hope to write about the Al-Akhdar match in the round of 16.

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