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To protect your memory from stress ... this is what Firefox provided

To protect your memory from stress … this is what Firefox provided

Firefox has introduced new features through its application on smart phones, which protect users’ memory from stress.

The new Firefox 94 version on iPhone and Android phones includes a home page that makes it easy to go back to what users were doing before they had to close the application for some accidental reason and they were busy with something else, according to the Engadget website.

Mozilla, the company that designed the Firefox application, confirmed that it seeks, through the new update, to “lift that heavy mental burden of remembering to end those articles that are not finished reading or research topics during vacation.”
To do this, the new Firefox home page includes an easy way to go to the last open tab, and now contains your most recent saved bookmarks.

There is also a feature in the “Firefox 94” version on Android phones, which is that its home page is able to collect search queries by topic. and list them all instead of opening them in separate tabs.

And on the mention of separate tabs, “Firefox 94” will get rid of those that have not been visited within 14 days, and this feature is also available on “Android” phones only, to be released on “iPhone” in the coming months.

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