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To "see what's under the surface of Mars"... Update a spacecraft's operating system

To “see what’s under the surface of Mars”… Update a spacecraft’s operating system

A report by The Verge revealed that engineers at the European Space Agency are updating the operating system of the orbiting Mars Express spacecraft. Mars.

Mars Express has been working for 19 years to monitor the radiation and ionosphere of Mars through tools running Windows 98. During her years of work, she was able to discover a huge aquifer on Mars in 2018.

Monitor more details

The new update will also allow the spacecraft to “see what’s under the surface of Mars” and even monitor more details on Phobos than ever before, according to the report.

It is noteworthy that the European Space Agency had launched the “Mars Express” in 2003, where it spent nearly two decades exploring the surface of Mars.

The spacecraft uses “low-frequency radio waves to monitor the water and the characteristics of the atmosphere of this red planet” through an “antenna” device that is 130 feet high and covers an area 3 miles below the surface of the planet. Mars.

Radio signal reception

The updates will also enhance radio signal reception and data processing, which will reflect on the quality of the data being sent to Earth.

In this context, ESA software engineer Carlo Nina said: “We faced a number of challenges to improve the performance of the vehicle, especially since the equipment used is running Windows 98.”

This comes as the agency did not specify the operating system that will be used, but it may need to update the CPU in the vehicle if it wants to use the latest versions of “Windows”.

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