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Today is the birthday of the great artist Hassan Hosni Joker, the art with a thousand faces

Today is the birthday of the great artist Hassan Hosni Joker, the art with a thousand faces

Today passes 86 years since the birth of the Joker of art and the father of the stars, the great artist Hassan Hosny Who was born on this day corresponding to June 19, 1936 to be one of the pillars of Egyptian art and a common factor in the success of hundreds of works of art and the adoption of dozens of talents from the stars who stood beside them in their beginnings, and the owner of an artistic balance of plays, films and series in which his roles varied between comedy and tragedy And good and evil, which is what earned him the title of “Joker of Art” for his ability and ingenuity to embody all roles with the same dignity and creativity.

Hassan Hosni, born in 1936 in the El-Qalaa neighborhood, who tasted orphanage at a young age, as his mother passed away at the age of six, was able to engrave his name in the records of creativity in letters of gold, with steady and confident steps and efforts for many years, so with each role he added to his credit He draws attention and proves that he is a different artist. The genius artist with multiple roles and a thousand faces did not appear in the roles of the elves or the hero, and how easy it is for the artist to get fame and stardom quickly through these roles, and the audience did not know him as a young man, but his stardom was delayed due to multiple circumstances, although he loved Art since his childhood, and participated in the acting teams in schools since he was a student in primary and won many medals.

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He began his artistic life in the sixties in the theater that produced giants and geniuses in acting, and moved between the Al-Hakim Theater, the National Theater and the Hadith, then he worked at the Jalal Al-Sharqawi Theater for a period of nearly 10 years.

The genius artist worked for many years before the audience knew him in the series My Dear Sons, Thank you in 1979, during which he played the character of Fathi, the bribed employee, and then participated in many dramas in Ajman and Dubai studios that were shown in the Gulf countries, and then began working in many television roles. .

Hassan Hosni’s beginning in the cinema was with his participation in a small role in the Karnak movie in 1975, the role of the Karnak coffee waiter, but he got a bigger role in the movie “The Bus Driver” directed by Atef Al-Tayeb in 1982, and then Al-Tayeb used him in a number of his films, including The Innocent, The Basement, The Escape. .

The genius star, who proved that he can play various and varied roles to prove his genius in every step and work, was used by senior directors in many cinematic and television works, especially with the beginning of the nineties, during which he was able to seize many awards competing with the top stars and owners of the first roles, championships and cinema committees.