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Today marks the anniversary of the May Uprising in Prague with many honorable events

Today marks the anniversary of the May Uprising in Prague with many honorable events

Updates: 05.05.2021 00:15

Prague – Today, Chekhov commemorates the 76th anniversary of the Prague uprising. As with last year, due to the current corona virus outbreak, there are no mass events, and the events and events of May 1945 will be remembered individually or online by state or capital officials.

The traditional memorial service will not take place in front of the Czech radio building due to anti-corona virus activities, but politicians, soldiers and other public figures will personally honor the memory of the fallen. Flowers will be laid at the site of the day’s fierce fighting of the rebels with Nazi supremacy, for example, Senate Speaker Milov Wistrail, Chamber of Deputies Rodek Vondrek, government representatives, Brock Castle, radio and other institutions. There is also a special broadcast on the radio for the uprising.

Today at Na Smettans Elementary School, representatives from the United Kingdom Embassy will ceremonially unveil a plaque commemorating the two British soldiers who took part in the Prague uprising. Among other things, Thomas Vokes and William Craig helped negotiate the surrender of a German faction at the school, which endangered the rebels in the radio building.

[Peoplepaytributetothosewhofellontheanniversaryofthe1945IlbrokeUprising[1945இல்ப்ராக்எழுச்சியின்ஆண்டுநினைவுநாளில்வீழ்ச்சியடைந்தவர்களுக்குமக்கள்அஞ்சலிசெலுத்தலாம்Interactive mapsIt was implemented by the municipality. They can light a virtual candle or go to a specific place according to the map. There are 800 places on the map and it will work even after the commemorative events.

The uprising began on May 5, 1945. The rebels were able to force the Germans to surrender, prevent multiple bloodbaths, and provoke the rapid intervention of the Red Army. After February 1948, General Karel Goodluck, the commander of the Communist regime uprising, was sentenced to life imprisonment and other representatives of the rebels were persecuted.

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Prior to the Prague uprising there were a series of uprisings throughout the Guardian. About 3,000 Czechoslovak people lost their lives.

May 5 marks the anniversary of the uprising as a significant day in the Czech calendar. Sunday, the Czech Republic, along with most European countries, will be commemorated as a national holiday on the day Nazi Germany signed the surrender on May 8, 1945.

Czech sympathizers of the Russian Knight Wolves Club will today commemorate the Red Army soldiers who fell during the liberation of Czechoslovakia at the Oliani Cemetery and elsewhere in Prague. Bikers commemorate the end of World War II with the traditional victory route. Even this year, due to contagious activities, members of the Russian club could not come to the Czech Republic.

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