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Today’s stock markets 16 March 2021: European and global price lists trend

Milano – 12:30 p.m. The United States is reaffirming itself as an engine of economic recovery and market optimism, especially in the wake of the AstraZeneca vaccine scandal and the risks of reducing its precautionary vaccine programs on the old continent. The yields of US treasuries have cooled, and the Federal Reserve is waiting to show its position in seeking a balance between stimulating the economy to restart and accelerating inflation. “The coming months will focus on economic recovery potential, while monetary and monetary policy will be conducive to the economy and markets,” he said briefly. Bloomberg Cecilia Chan, Head of Investment for HSBC Asset Management Asia.

In Europe, indices are moving positively despite health issues. In Milan, Ftse Mib rose 0.7%, making Banco one of the best stocks in PPM and Piper. Usually the Banking Department Piazza Afari is great for challenging the investor in upcoming mergers and acquisitions. Other European lists are also positive: London Salt 0.6%, Frankfurt 0.7% e Paris 0.2%.

Codes of Wall Street They are returning from new records and futures are positive: the Dow Jones is up 0.5%, the S&P 500 is up 0.6% and the Nasdaq is up 1.05%.

This morning, Asian stock markets took full advantage of the momentum provided by US exchanges. Over there Tokyo Stock Exchange 0.52%, the sixth consecutive positive session. More than half a percentage point Hong Kong e Shanghai. “It is important to keep the yield curve steadily low as the economy is still plagued by epidemics,” Boz (Bank of Japan) Governor Haruhiko Kuroda explained in parliament.

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Among the big economic data expected during the day, the final figure for inflation in Italy was highlighted in the morning. In March, the German index Call This raises the confidence of economic conditions to 76.6 points. This is a larger increase than some analysts had predicted for a 74-point result. U.S. retail and industrial production are also on the way. The NAHB code about the builder’s confidence in the United States is out.

L ‘Euro Meanwhile it is stable above $ 1.19: it exchanges $ 1.1936 and 130.23 yen hands. The dollar / yen rises to 109.15. Tomorrow evening’s central bank meeting will be crucial for the monetary sector as well: markets will carefully examine what Powell has to say about yield increases, forecasting that economic growth and inflation could trigger a rapid normalization of monetary policy. Moved a little too Spread At 93 base points.

Finally, in raw materials, prices Petroleum Following the rise in US stocks and the precautionary ceasefire of Germany, Italy, France and Spain to administer the astrogen vaccine, the EMA’s verdict is still pending: futures Asian markets on light crude lost 0.96% to $ 64.76, down 0.66%.