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تكنولوجيا اليوم - Lenovo تطرح جيلاً متطوراً من الحواسب المحمولة

Today’s technology – Lenovo introduces an advanced generation of laptops

Today’s technology today’s news – Lenovo launches an advanced generation of laptops Source of the news – Arabs today with news details Lenovo launches an advanced generation of laptops:

Today’s news – Washington – Arab Today

The technology giant announced its latest generation of laptops, which brought important features to gamers and designers, and Lenovo indicated that the IdeaPad Gaming 3 computers will be launched in several models equipped with 15.6 and 16-inch screens, and these devices will receive the latest Intel and AMD processors.

The Intel-powered models will come with the latest Core i7-12700H processors, NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPUs, an additional discrete graphics unit, DDR4 RAM with capacities up to 32 GB, internal storage drives with capacities up to 1 TB, USB-C port, and Thunderbolt ports 4 These devices support 16-inch screens with a resolution of (2560/1440) pixels, their frequency is up to 165 hertz, and their maximum brightness is approximately 500 cd/m.

As for computers powered by AMD chips, you will get Ryzen 7 6800H processors, RTX 3050 Ti graphics processors, DDR5 RAM with capacities up to 32 GB, and internal storage up to 1 TB. These computers will also be equipped with WQHD screens, USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 4 ports And batteries with a capacity ranging between 45 and 71 watts, and these computers are supposed to appear in global markets before the end of the first half of this year, and are offered at prices ranging between 898 and 1489 dollars.

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