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Today's world needs Hitler, a CNN contributor wrote, and it's all over

Today’s world needs Hitler, a CNN contributor wrote, and it’s all over

Raj’s contribution to Social Security lasted about two and a half hours before he removed it himself. However, this is long enough in the internet world for the case to attract appropriate attention. “Today’s world needs Hitler,” wrote Raja, who does not hide the fact that he is on the side of the Palestinians in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Pakistani journalist gets attention. “I am happy that one tweet contributed to the emergence of the Palestinian cause,” Raja wrote, attacking Western countries and freedom of expression.

His contribution sparked immediate opposition, and several critics later noted that a freelance journalist listed CNN as one of his dependents on the professional network LinkedIn. The station’s longtime critics of the conservatives were not lost on it. Fox News and Washington Examiner were the first to report the case.

“I don’t know who he is, but we are checking it,” CNN spokesman Matt Dornick said on Sunday. Adeel Raja is a freelance journalist and has used CNN services from time to time since 2013. During that time, he signed around 53 articles published on CNN.

As it turns out, this wasn’t the first mention of Raj Hitler on social media. In 2014, during the World Cup, he wrote: “The only reason I supported Germany in the Finals – Hitler was German and he was good with the Jews.” In 2016, this journalist received the Pakistan Aghi Journalist Award in the category of Investigative Journalism.