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Tokyo Olympics news: Al-Khalif refuses to “excuse” the Saudi team’s loss to Ivory Coast

Tokyo Olympics news: Al-Khalif refuses to “excuse” the Saudi team’s loss to Ivory Coast

Ayman Al-Khalif – Saudi Olympic Team

Saudi 360 – Ayman Al-Khalif, player rejected Saudi Olympic TeamMaking excuses and justifying the loss against Ivory Coast, at the start of the “Green” campaign in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Al-Khalif: Playing in the Olympics is different..and “pressure” is not an excuse for defeat

Al-Khalif spoke at the press conference after the match, saying: “Playing in the Olympics is a different feeling, and every player aspires to be present, represent and honor his country’s team in the best possible way.”

He added, “The absence of the public did not only affect football, but also affected all areas of life.”

Al-Khalif concluded by saying: “The pressure of the season and matches is not an excuse for losing, and I believe that the football player will not find rest until after retiring.”

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and met Olympic green Led by Saad Al-Shehri, his Ivory Coast counterpart, at the “Nissan” stadium in Japan, in the first round of the group stage of the Tokyo Olympics, and the meeting ended with the defeat of Al-Akhdar 2-1.

Ivory Coast advanced from friendly fire with a goal by Abdelilah Al-Omari in the 39th minute, and the Saudi team tied with Salem Al-Dosari in the 44th minute, before the African rival returned to score the winning goal by Frank Casey in the 66th minute.

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With this result; The balance of Ivory Coast has 3 points at the top of the standings of the fourth group, while the “green” came out of the match without points.

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