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Tom Cruise surprised Janet Jackson’s world tour

Sunday 14 May 2023 / 14:29

The audience of the American pop star, Janet Jackson, was surprised by a special and unexpected guest at her concert at Charlotte Palace, North Carolina, as part of her “Together Again” tour series.

American action movie star Tom Cruise made the party joyful, as did Janet, who published a behind-the-scenes photo with him, attached it to a tweet expressing her happiness with his presence, saying: “It was good to see you and spend some time together.”

And spread through social media, pictures and videos documenting Cruz’s solutions among the masses to follow the concert of his girlfriend returning to the world of art after a long absence, which lasted 3 years since the cancellation of the Black Diamond concerts in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Tom seemed very happy with Jackson’s audience, sometimes dancing, and at other times cheering for her, greeting the fans who welcomed him wherever he passed through the crowd, and taking selfies with the concert goers.

For her part, Jackson announced to her fans that she would not prolong her absence, promising to continue her concerts as part of her world tour that kicked off on April 14. According to a picture showing the details of her concert schedule, which she posted on her Instagram account late last year, the tour is expected to end in mid-June.

A series about her life

It was a magazineVarietyIt was reported last March, according to sources close to Janet, that the artist plans to tell her life story through a short documentary series on the small screen, confirming work with a number of screenwriters on the project, which Lifetime TV network has expressed interest in.

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The sources attributed Lifetime’s interest in the upcoming Janet series, in relation to the success it achieved with a documentary show about Janet in 2022, which ranked first in terms of viewership on the network, achieving more than 21 million views.