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Tomach Kloss: Time has shown that the people who govern us are not well

Tomach Kloss: Time has shown that the people who govern us are not well

What role does the album ČauČesku play in your musical work?

Hope it becomes a keepsake of time sooner and that we wake up from this nightmare soon. From a personal point of view, for me that means treatment, writing an obsession, as my friends call it. The time we’re going through is tough and no one really expected it, not even most of us math. It has shown that the people who judge us are not well. The moment it became very visible, I noticed that I was pointing at it.

I see both actors, which the album auČesku is mainly about, as plugs that we have to pull so that unnecessary anger and hatred flow out of our community, and we can start solving really important things.

In the past few years, almost nothing here has been resolved other than their cases or their attack on this or that journalist, organization, competitor, or other social group. It is a delay and very disturbing in the sense that it disturbs the community.

The two main actors on your album are Prime Minister André Babis and President Milos Zeman. You have pointed out their inefficiency in the past. Do you think that the pandemic period intensified it?

exactly. Show this time how he actually thinks of us. In the case of Lány, the current case of Vrbětice fully confirms this. Due to the fact that I had a lot of time and thus a lot of opportunities to read, study and perceive the information much more carefully than I had during normal play, feelings began to creep through me through the songs. I was full of it. For me, logically, such an album should have been created.

What do you think are the essentials that the prime minister and president should tackle?

It is necessary to try to communicate with the world. But they do the exact opposite. Of course, the world is now mainly suffering from the Coronavirus. But it also suffers from many other important things, such as climate change. In the struggle against them, it is necessary to establish contact with the whole world, because problems are global.

But it is in the interest of both masters to separate. One of them is enthusiastic about the need to raise money and subsidies, and the other, through some strange resentment and perhaps stubbornness, records his attitudes and actions that we can once again enter into a force that has proven more than once that it is not a good mother.

Among the eight songs on the album are eight comments on various issues relating to the Prime Minister and the President. Who brought them back?

Journalist Yaroslav Kaminta. I called him and introduced him to my idea. Originally, I even imagined the album would be perceived as a fairy tale about two scribes who whistled so well.

Jarda is one of my favorites in the investigative and writing side, as he can present even extremely ugly topics in a way that anyone can finish despite nausea in the stomach to the end.

I told him I would like to write some comments on the record, and he replied that he was finishing a book on this topic, he has a lot of material and he likes to do it.

I had to convince Garda for a moment, but he agreed in the end. I am very happy that it turned out this way, because in the record I see it as a prop, and as a support. I bring feelings, is the facts.

She teamed with producer Jerry Burian on the album. It was your first collaboration. What did I bring you?

She brought me exactly what I expected of her. That’s why I’m shooting my next album with Jirka now. I think we have intersected in our attitude to life, the way we think about life that way, but also our opinion and our approach to music. Parallel to this cooperation, a beautiful friendship was formed, which expanded to include my colleague guitarist Jirka Kučerovský. We set the next record in three times.

Collaboration with Jiří Burian is simply too cool. Since he is above all a great musician, his contribution to the production was not and is not only that he will say what will be nice and what will not be, but that when something happens to him, he will immediately play it. It often doesn’t matter what the tool is. It’s great for me.

The album Čauesku contains a popping sound, while his hints were already in your previous recordings. Is this the voice you’ll stick with now?

I think I entered the mainstream, the middle, by mistake. I never released a single song I was intentionally creating for radio playback. To me, somewhat ironically, some of them got in on them, and they were the ones we recorded instead.

For example, Nina is depicted so that the strings in which she appears are guitar bindings, and the writing of signs is used as a rhythmic element.

So I thought I would try differently this time. I don’t think I could have picked a better product than Jerry Borean.

Thomas Kloss

Photo: Evita Valentova

Can you tell us more about the upcoming album?

We started recording it on Friday, April 30th. His temperament will be quite similar to Seagull’s album, however, as a songwriter, I am ten years older than I was at the time. I mainly focus on relationships, but they’re no longer topics like Rack’s. In short, I am older, I am open and I will be very happy to meet fans of these feelings.

However, I think the album would have a similar effect as that of Seagull. I think it will be a bunch of hungry songs after ČauČesk.

When should you go out?

We want to shoot it by summer, it should be released early autumn.

The guitarist of your target group, Jerry Kozirovsky, recently fell ill. What is his condition now?

Jerka is in the best condition I can remember. Every evil is good for something, and he is a wise man who understood the message that reached him and accepted the disease with great humility. He got over it and came back stronger, more experienced, wiser and I feel more creative.