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Tomia Okamura does not want Babie at the premiere, sd at Rozstel

Tomio Okamura is an esque businessman and politician of Japanese descent. He was born on July 4, 1972 in Tokyo to a Moravian mother and a Japanese-Korean father. Dtstv proil stdav in the former Czechoslovakia and Japan.

The company has been established since 1994 mainly in the field of hospitality, trade, educational activities and translation. In June, he joined the Political Day, when he ran in 2012 as an independent candidate for a guard in the Zlin region.

In May 2013, the political movement, which founded the Light of Democracy by Tommy Okamura, from whom he was expelled in 2015, founded the Movement for Freedom and Democracy. In a close election to the Sejm, he is the leader of the SPD movement in the Moravian-Silesian region.

Okamura said Dn Pandemic Nine. I can’t imagine Babi being at the premiere

With the latest development in pre-election preferences, the SPD is said to be a potential YES partner in the future, but Okamura heard he can’t imagine Andre Pape as prime minister: we can’t imagine Andre Pape. Prime Minister. Proust’s betrayal and disappointment. Okamura said he disappointed us with the first 170 Muslim immigrants to drink.

According to Okamura, after the new elections, the Social Democratic Party will negotiate with all parties and its prerequisite will be the state law on the referendum, which will also allow a vote on the exit of the Czech Republic from the European Union, the so-called Chexit. .