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إليسا وسعد لمجرد

Tonight… Elissa and Saad Lamjarred’s duet “From the First Minute” | news

Superstar Elissa is preparing to release a new song with Saad Lamjarred, this evening.

The song bears the name “From the First Minute” and Elissa and Saad Lamjarred collaborate with the artist Ramy Gamal, who set the song’s melody, and it will be released at 7 pm Egypt time.

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And Elissa recently spoke to the “Phases” program with the media, Ali Al-Olayani, about her experience with plastic surgery, where she admitted that she had paid large sums of money to perform it.

And Elisa said: “I see that plastic surgery is an essential thing because I always appear on TV, sometimes if you like to appear in the best picture that can distort your features, and this matter happened to me, which prompted me to use the filler many times because I was not satisfied with the result.”

She revealed that as a result of using the filler a lot, she felt that her shape had changed, and she wanted to return to her shape and features that were close to the features that she appeared in at the beginning of her artistic career.

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