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Tonight will be a super moon, it will be the biggest this year.  It is best seen at four in the morning

Tonight will be a super moon, it will be the biggest this year. It is best seen at four in the morning

On Wednesday, there will be a full super moon, the largest in this year. It is a phenomenon when the moon is full and at the same time it is closest in its orbit around the earth. This phenomenon will appear for the second time this year. The current supreme name bears the floral moniker – according to blooming plants.

The moon revolves around the earth in an eccentric oval. Sometimes it is closer to the ground, on the so-called ground floor, and sometimes farther – on the ground floor. Ground floor and ground floor times occur in different phases of the moon. If it is at the time of the full moon, then this full moon is slightly larger than that which does not coincide with the time of the ground floor. The distance of the moon also varies on different ground floors.

This time, the moon will be closer to Earth on Wednesday at 3:53 CEST. Then a full moon occurs at 13:13. “If you want to wait for the biggest moon of the year, wait for the moon’s west around 4am on May 26,” said astronomer Peter Horalek. The moon will be 357,309 kilometers from Earth, 85 kilometers less than the previous moon, super April.

In some countries, a “large bloody fill” occurs. With this phenomenon, a total lunar eclipse occurs during the extreme phase of the full moon. Meanwhile, the moon breaks through the Earth’s shadow. And because, according to Horalek, at the same time, the faint red color falls on the Earth’s atmosphere within the Earth’s shadow, the moon acquires a reddish hue. A total lunar eclipse will be above the horizon, especially in Oceania, the western United States, and eastern Asia.

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Horálek stated that another “bloody superfull” will happen on October 8, 2033, but we will never see it again in the Czech Republic. He would not be visible from us until October 19, 2051.

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