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Tony Myola, American football legend NFL

The best protagonist of Italy ’90 and USA 94 ‘, Tony Miola left football as the highlight of his career and dedicated himself to American football.

If you think about American sports, football is not the first thing that comes to mind. For years, football, basketball and baseball have been telling us about an America within our homes and a way to experience a sport that is very different from our experience.

Today, however, it is unusual to see American players coming to Europe or players from all over the world coming to the MLS, but there was a period of time that lasted for decades, among others, in which he almost knew ‘out of tune’ to match the words. Football e United States.

It is for this reason that I World Championship Organized in Italy, the US is one of the most intriguing teams. The United States In fact, they have not qualified for the World Cup since 1950, so look at them at work ‘Stars & Lines’ This is simply an attraction.

In fact, for many who wondered if those players could compete against the best in the world, those who had already predicted at the time agreed on absolutely definite goals and meager figures that could have lasted in history.

The interest of the Italian fans was soon satisfied. The United States They were actually plugged together Italy, Czechoslovakia Ed Austria Although Group A and Bob Kansler made their men’s debut 5-1 against Scoravi and his team in Florence, in the remaining two matches against Assouri and the Austrians, they proved that they were not really bad, with two decent defeats and adjustments.

It Italy ’90 This is a World Cup, which is at least another detail in history: there were many great characters in that match. Each national team had its own cover man, and the symbol of magical nights for Italy turned out to be amazing Tota Shillasi, Were Maradona, Mathas, Milla, Cascoin, Stojkovic, Gullit, Zavarov e Walterrama, To name a few, the champions who drew attention to them.

Star United States Their goalkeeper: Tony Miola. Long hair, a large body, an Italian surname and a certain skill between posts helped him to develop One of the most coveted characters of those World Cups.

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Not much is known about him, except that he often played at the university level and was his father Vincenzo Torrella de Lombardy and playedAvelino, Before moving to the United States with his family.

In fact, behind the twenty-one-year-old Miola there was a very complicated path in the sports world, and by the stages to be considered a talented champion in various fields. During high school he showed himself to be a goalkeeper and managed to keep his goal clean on 41 occasions, but he was also an excellent striker who scored 42 goals. He was also the captain of the basketball team at the university, and above all he attracted attention New York Yankees He was awarded a catcher contract.

Football, basketball and baseball, Tony Miola He proved that he could excel in various fields, but in the end he chose the less trained one in the United States, which also made his father happy.

“When we qualified for the World Cup, we did not even understand what the purpose of this effort was. I saw FIFA reconsider the work of the 1994 World Cup if I did not win. Within a few months I saw my parents playing World Championship from college campus, among other things. Italy ’90 made me famous. “.

If the Italian World Cup had made him a kind of international celebrity, his acting a USA ’94 Which helped him become an American football legend. In fact, his national team showed high ambitions at the Domestic World Championships, and he was not only the most important man on the team, but also the captain.

The United States will manage this time to qualify for the knockout stage Switzerland, A historic victory against someone Colombia Considered by many to be one of the most talented teams in the tournament and a short defeat against Romania.

Against that, the US tour will be hampered in the 16th round Brazil He then went on to become world champion (1-0 from Pepetto in the 72nd minute), but has now achieved the goal of world football: Football has never been popular in the United States.

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Therefore, Miola is likely to be one of the first level stars and face M.L.S. It was already established in 1993 and was officially launched in 1996, but when his career was about to take on more important and definite definitions, he announced a sensational decision: He wants to leave football to dedicate himself to American football.

Bora Milutinovic, Who was then the coach of the United States, did not take it very seriously: he would no longer call him on the national team during his tenure. But now nothing can push Mila to look back, and this too is waiting for her to join a team NFL: I New York Jets.

That’s the year National Football League Thought to move the castle Kickoff Reduced from 35 to 30 yards’Tea‘. So the idea of ​​the Jets was to evaluate that Miola, In his career, has shown that he has the most powerful kick, which is often postponed to the opponent’s penalty area so that the Oval can fly the ball because he made the football fly off his feet.

So Tony Miola ‘Kicker‘And he would have touched the kickoff in the ideas of the technical experts of the special teams, while at the same time being famous. Nick Lower, Now goes to 38 springs and loses part of its power,Field target‘, Or kick in between posts.

The goalkeeper’s decision was harshly criticized by many because at the moment he was about to explode, Football rediscovered itself as an orphan of one of its symbols, But now functional ‘Pony Tail Place Place Kicker‘(Hence it was renamed in memory of Miola’s famous’ ponytail’ hairstyle).

“When the World Cup was over, they called me a traitor. They said it was my fault that the dream of football in the United States was in danger of dying.

Joins Miola Jets Pre-season, But unfortunately for him things did not go as he had dreamed. His shots don’t prove to be powerful or accurate, that’s all, he always gets the nickname because of his tendency to kick to the left. ‘Captain Hook’.

To make matters more complicated for him, his comrade Lower would no longer have the power he once had, but he will always be remembered as one of the best in terms of accuracy. In short, the comparison becomes ruthless.

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Tony Myola New York Jets

In fact, Miola has very little understanding of how to kick a football in a very different way from a football and that there are basically very few interactions between two technical gestures.

“It’s not impossible, but it’s not as easy as that. Among other things, kicking is one thing. Another thing is that a big guy who weighs 150kg runs against you at full speed. The right place to attack is very small, you kick it well or badly. There is no middle ground. There is the same difference between kicking a ball and a 50 cent coin ”.

Despite the efforts, Miola will be reduced after three pre-season games. The idea on paper was not bad, but the function failed badly.

“I made a dream come true, although it did not last long. However, I have to say that playing football is more fun than throwing a ball. ”

Closed with football, the NFL. The chance to play in is gone, he will return to his first love, and become one of the faces of MLS, wearing jersey New York Metrostars, Kansas City Guides e New York Red Bulls.

He will miss the 1998 World Cup, but will find the national team next year, and despite losing the status of unshakable holder, he will still be able to take part. 2002 World Championship (As the third goalkeeper) and in 2006, the year he retired from professional football, 100 appearances for the United States. Even today he is considered one of the first true stars of football and a true legend in his country.