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أغنية abcdefu تتغلب على أديل

Top 10 foreign songs of the week…abcdefu beat Adele | news

Billboard released this week’s list of America’s Top Songs for sales, views and listeners, and it’s easy to see the impact of TikTok on today’s music, as abcdefu continues to be a huge hit.

In the following lines, FilFan lists the top 10 songs for you:

1- We Don’t Talk About Bruno to the Encanto Team

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” held number one in its fifth week, marking a historic milestone for Disney.

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2- Heat Waves for Glass Animals

Heat Waves continued for its second week at number two.

3- Abcdefu for Gail

The world’s number one single, abcdefu, climbed to number three, beating Adele.

4- Easy On Me by Adele

Ladelle’s Easy On Me dropped from number three to number four in its 20th week on the chart.

5- Super Gremlin Kodak Black

Super Gremlin climbed from number six to number five, and this is its 16th week on the chart.

6- Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroy Stay

The song fell from number five to number six.

7- Ghost Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s second appearance on the list is with the song “Ghost” at number seven, which rose from number eight.

8- Shivers by Ed Sheeran

“Shivers” by Britain’s Ed Sheeran fell from seventh to eighth, in its 24th week on the chart.

9- Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s second appearance on the list is with the song “Bad Habits”, which rose from 14th to 9th place.

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10- Cold Heart: Dua Lipa and Elton John

In its 25th week, “Cold Heart” climbed from number 12 to number 10.

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