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Top 10 iPhone apps in 2021

Top 10 iPhone apps in 2021

Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow up with impartiality: Smartphones are not the final end of buying a new phone, even if you were one of those who got the iPhone 13 phones from Apple, many of which the American company launched during 2021.

Applications have become the main player to get the most benefit from buying a new phone, especially with regard to the basic things that increase the effectiveness of the phone and make it a helpful partner in accomplishing many tasks.

The specialized website “The Verge” presented its nominations for the 10 best applications found on the Apple App Store, which will greatly help you in productivity and time management.

spark mail

The “Spark Mail” application works as a simple and free option to manage all your email accounts on various platforms, and it also allows switching smart notifications between mail accounts, whether on “Apple Mail”, “Gmail” or “Microsoft Outlook”, and it is also compatible with services Cloud like “One Drive” and “Dropbox”.

The biggest advantage is preventing you from getting notifications from random services that you signed up for years ago and are no longer interested in.


This application gives wider options to put daily notes, which helps you to ensure that all the tasks assigned to you are carried out throughout the day, and it is also linked to all other note applications that can give you alerts on your computer, phone and smart watch such as “Calendar”, “Slack”, and the “Slack” application. “Spark”.


If you are interested in preserving plants, this application is one of the most sought-after applications; It checks soil moisture levels every day, helps you maintain plants regardless of weather conditions, and gives you various types of tips for caring for them both indoors and outdoors.

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It is not clear how this application performs its tasks without the need for an additional device, as you will not need a fitness tracker or smartwatch with the use of the application; It monitors all those tasks for you on your phone, supports a variety of activities such as cycling, running, and walking, and accurately measures your fitness progress.


The YNAB app helps you set your monthly budget and how you spend, and organizes your savings for the future. But to get the app, you will have to pay, its annual subscription is $98.99, or $14.99 per month, and you can get a free trial for 34 days.


This application organizes your connection to the various libraries in your area to borrow or buy books. It also has a large number of books, magazines and audiobooks for free browsing, and it is compatible with Kindle devices or CarPlay systems for cars.


This application relieves you of many pressures, as it informs you when to clean various devices and tools in your home, and how to do it, and organize household chores by room, as well as assign tasks to family members or co-workers, and the application can be downloaded for $ 6.99 paid only once.

1 password

If you are one of the people who have many accounts and passwords, and remembering them is impossible, this application will help you greatly in keeping different passwords on one application, and it is compatible with Apple smart watches, and is compatible with fingerprint and “recognition” technology. on the face”; This makes it an ideal choice for managing passwords on the iPhone.

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If you want a quiet time away from the stress of a stressful work day, and need to meditate and relax; This app provides you with the necessary comfort, by narrating a number of relaxing music tracks or even free bedtime stories.


This application eliminates what is colloquially known as a “note.” The application provides a record of all the money you owe to your friends, family, and colleagues, and provides you free automatic divisions of bills and recurring expenses; So that you can adjust your monthly budget much better.