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Top 3 free antivirus software from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows provides Defender antivirus software built into the operating system, which is sufficient against viruses and malware.

But there is a better way to protect against cyber attacks, and that is to rely on free antivirus software.

20 programs

The German Product and Goods Testing Authority came to this conclusion after it tested 20 antivirus programs.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is the best free software, and three free antivirus programs get a “good” rating: Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Antivirus Free and Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition.

Although Microsoft Windows Defender came out as the worst software in the test with an “acceptable” rating, it provides adequate protection against viruses and malware, and German experts confirmed that there is no bad antivirus.

prevent damage

This software is used to detect malicious software such as computer viruses, computer worms and Trojan horses in order to prevent them from harming the computer or stealing personal data by removing or repairing them.

Typically, groove programs employ a variety of strategies, including scanning based on detection of known samples of malware in executable code, however, a user can be infected with new malware that does not yet have a signature.

To counter these threats, heuristics, a type of heuristic approach based on public signatures, can be used to identify new viruses. Some antivirus software can also predict this type of virus.

But, no matter how useful an antivirus program is, sometimes it can have drawbacks. Antivirus software can reduce computer performance if it is not designed efficiently. Inexperienced users may have trouble understanding the commands and decisions that antivirus software offers. An incorrect decision may lead to a breach of security.

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