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فيديو مؤثر.. أب ينهار من البكاء بعد توصيل ابنته إلى الكلية

Touching video.. A father breaks down in tears after delivering his daughter to college

01:45 PM

Monday 07 November 2022

Books – Syed Metwally

A touching video of a father shedding tears while delivering his daughter Priksha to her new kidney has gone viral on social media.

The video was shared on Instagram by the girl, Priksha, and has garnered more than eight million views and more than 958,000 likes, according to ndtv.

Commenting on the post, Priksha wrote: ‘My father was overwhelmed with happiness and tears at the same time.

“But those tears told me that all the sacrifices you made, all the hard work you put in, and everything you did to make that dream come true in the end, all I can say is that I can do anything to see your smiling face and your twinkling eyes!” Thank you, Mom and Dad! I love you.”

In the video, the father and Priksha are seen walking down to her college, Miranda House at Delhi University in India. While touring the campus, the man bursts into tears.

Commenting on the post, some celebrities in India wrote, “Very big hugs to all of you, this is the best video on the internet. Love this so much. Congratulations!!”.

The official Netflix India account also left a comment on the video, with the message “Perfectly matched soundtrack of such a beautiful moment. Big hugs to everyone on this journey.”

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