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Tourists have already arrived at previously open sights

Tourists have already arrived at previously open sights

In Kasberk in Chumava, on Saturday they welcomed the first visitors of the year. “Dozens of people have arrived,” Vaclav Kos, a local Castellan resident, told Brava. He said, “In the morning, those interested in individuals and small groups came, and the biggest attack came in the afternoon.” The weather frustrated the tourists on Sunday.

The biggest attraction here right now is a new gallery dedicated to the popular fairy tale Angel of the Lord, which takes place partly in Kaspersky. The film reminds us of a gallery located in a freely accessible courtyard. “In six panels, we compare the footage of the film with the current reality, and there are also interesting pictures and facts from the filming, which happened here in 2005,” Coss said.

The state monuments will open from May 4, for example in the Pilsen region there will be the Nebílova and Kozel castles, the Rabí and Velhartice castles, and on the weekends also Švihov.

“For example, an extraordinary sightseeing circuit will be opened in Rabi, which includes a large courtyard, a small courtyard with a well, the oldest nucleus of the castle and a gazebo for the palace. On the tour will be an ascent to the gothic dungeon, which is only possible during normal operation with a guide.

Prague Castle is ready

Almost seven months later, the Prague Castle complex will open to the public from Monday. The building can be accessed daily from 06:00 until 22:00, as well as an information center and ticket shop at Zlatá ulička.

According to, which has attempted to provide access to the site, the opening is tied to the success of the administrative lawsuit. “We won the court. Part of that decision was to allow a protest meeting to take place on Prague Castle Square.”

However, the Presidential Office offered a different interpretation to allow access to the castle grounds.
“We are responding to the government’s decision, which concerns four regions, including Prague,” said Vratislav Menay, head of the office.

Entrance to Prague Castle was banned due to anti-epidemic measures last October 9, before the complex was closed in the spring wave for more than two months.

Other monuments and galleries are also opening in Prague. “From Monday, May 3, from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening, the famous Old Jewish Cemetery and the Spanish Synagogue will open with a new exhibition on the history of Jews in the Czech lands in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. At the same time, the Jewish community in Prague is inaugurating the Old Synagogue New for visitors, “said Tomash Titiva, a spokesman for the Jewish Museum in Prague.

On Tuesday, May 4, all Prague National Gallery buildings will open in Prague. According to spokesperson Eva Suchurova, the exact number of visitors varies for each exhibition. The gallery is preparing to list the reservation dates for which people will be able to purchase a ticket in advance.