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Toyota and other Japanese automakers will look for alternative fuels

Japan’s largest automaker Toyota Motor Corporation and four other Japanese automakers will consider using alternative green fuels for cars with internal combustion engines, including hydrogen and synthetic biomass fuels.

In addition to Toyota, Mazda Motor, Subaru, Yamaha Motor and Kawasaki Heavy Industries will also participate in the project.

Adapting internal combustion engines to green fuels such as hydrogen is technologically demanding, but will allow companies to support existing supply chains. It has been in business for decades and employs hundreds of thousands of workers.

Automakers, including Toyota, are ramping up production of electric vehicles due to tighter emissions limits. Japan has said it wants to be carbon neutral by 2050 and supports the use of hydrogen fuels.

Toyota plans to offer 15 models of electric cars by 2025 and will invest $13.5 billion (CZK 297.9 billion) in the next decade to expand battery production capacity. However, at the same time, it continues to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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