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Toyota RAV4 Adventure comes as an adventurous hybrid car

Toyota RAV4 Adventure comes as an adventurous hybrid car

The Japanese brand presents a new version of its popular SUV RAV4. Sales will start this year.

The current Active Equipment, Comfort, Select, and Executive levels will soon complete the Adventure Edition. In the case of the “Ravka”, this is based on a clearer and more powerful style, which assures that the car will not get lost even on paved roads.

We can notice the newly designed black masks. The logo has moved from the front edge of the cap to the center. The new face is also evident by the incorporation of front fog lamps into the new black tires, as well as a new extension under the bumper with a glossy silver finish. However, the list of innovations does not end there, it also includes, for example, new 19-inch alloy wheels or a unique two-tone paintwork with khaki green with gray details.

The interior itself is also unforgettable. The RAV4 Adventure features a specially designed seat upholstery using smooth black leather and deep stitching in the backrests and seats with orange contrast stitching. The most adventurous version of the SUV is equipped with sill rails.


In addition to the above, the novelty also introduces updated elements prepared for the “ravka” standard in the 2022 model year. We are mainly talking about new LED projector lights, as well as two-LED front fog lights. New LED lighting can also be found in the cabin, where the seat can now be electrically adjusted by the passenger. The upgrades also include a newer type of USB-C port. We don’t know yet if it complements or completely replaces the old solution.

What hasn’t changed is the car’s technology. The Adventure Edition comes exclusively with a hybrid, consisting of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and two electric motors. The power of the system is 163 kW and the drive system is exclusively combined with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Ravka can handle trailers weighing up to 1,650 kg.

In European markets, the RAV4 Adventure, along with the modern model line, will go on sale during October of this year. The first cars will appear on Czech roads in the preliminary quarter of 2022.