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Tragedy! We totally succeed, young Czech hockey guys are upset by the finally blast with the Finns


They missed progressing 2: 0 and 5: 3, in the last eight minutes they had tripled in double. The northerners turned the game over and the Czechs ended up without a point.

“I think it was a good game, right up to the end. We totally enjoyed it. That’s our fault,” khadem quotes angry national team striker Jacob Brabens.

The Czechs cried deeply over their mistakes. Altrichter, marha (he was on the bench to switch) and Bajeer back on the ice prematurely. The good impression of the match suddenly vanished.

Collapse! Czech youth reached the Hockey World Cup after their second victory, and in the end there was a shock

“We played a lot of scraper hockey with the Finns, attacked a lot, but we got a little upset about the end. After all, we could have scored more goals. But in the end it was a tragedy.”

Some of the referees’ judgments were a little strange, but in any case, coach Jacob Peter’s accusations did not succeed in avoiding the traditional pain of Czech youth hockey of repeated dismissals.

“That was our irresponsibility. We go to every match with a maximum of three exceptions. And again, we have ten slowly, which is really crazy. We keep talking to each other and it just keeps happening,” Brabens regretted his head.

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“Finally, we have to learn and not collect too many exclusions,” admits his colleague Jaroslaw Schmelac.

Coach Peter also had embarrassing impressions from the match. In addition, he will have to reactivate his squad quickly after a bitter defeat, because at night from Thursday to Friday another American player awaits him, who also has a day of rest forever.

“I love 18-year-old hockey for this. It was a great start, we played according to plan and I am very satisfied with the first trimester. We may have scored more goals. In the second period, the Finns made some changes and in the third period? That’s what We see it here every day. Yesterday, Russia also advanced with Finland 3: 1 and lost. The loss is difficult for us but we have to watch the next match. What I said before the tournament applies. The coach said, “Everyone here can beat everyone.”