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Trainnovation Foundation launches a diploma in business psychology for workers in the sports field

Trainnovation Foundation launches a diploma in business psychology for workers in the sports field

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Trainnovation for Training, in cooperation with the British Royal College in Egypt and the Middle East, announced the launch of a diploma in Business Psychology for workers in the sports field “administrative – coach – player – referee”

Walid Mokhtar, head of the Trainnovation Training Institute and regional director of the British Royal College in Egypt, said that the diploma comes within the framework of supporting and raising the skills of workers in the sports field with the latest sciences taught in the largest training institutions in the world to be able to advance clubs and teams and achieve the results desired by the Egyptian state in This field and raising the name of Egypt in international forums on the one hand and making stars in the sports field on the other hand.

Mokhtar added that the diploma was prepared to contribute to the development of the personality of the player, coach, referee, and administrative staff, their performance, their life system, their culture and knowing how to distribute their program. Without it, all efforts will be wasted and fruitless.

Mokhtar pointed out that the psychology of business administration is one of the modern sciences that sports workers must study because they are all in daily contact with different types of people and different age stages, and therefore studying this science will help them deal with them and with any influences or situations.

Mukhtar explained that the player in any sports game needs to study the psychology of business administration to deal with any factors that occur in the training or the official race, such as low level, or a grouping of some players against him, or because of the blame by the coach or for his injury during the exercise or the race because the effects of these matters The likes of it could affect his future and lose his sports future, noting that the player will also learn through the diploma how to plan carefully for his future and move to the world of stardom and attract the attention of coaches and observers.

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Mokhtar stressed that the coach will learn in this course the scientific methods and methods for dealing with his team members and how to prepare them psychologically in addition to his physical, skill, planning and cognitive training duties and how to deal with the media outside the stadium and the referees inside it.

Mukhtar pointed out that the diploma will support students with some capabilities in terms of mental toughness and the ability to assume the responsibilities that are placed upon them, whether on the field or outside, as well as training on how to assess risks and assess the outcome of decisions they may take.

Mokhtar stressed that physical exercises alone are not sufficient for the success of any player who practices a type of sports, so the science of business management is equal in importance to physical exercises because it is a reason to show his sports skills and manage his talent. He pointed out that there are very many promising talents that have not gained fame and success because of the lack of knowledge of the scientific methods and methods for managing their talent well, and here comes the importance of business psychology if we want to exploit these talents and make stars among them, whether players, coaches, referees or administrators.