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Travel agencies are preparing for the tourist season.  Up to one million Czechs plan to travel abroad - T24 - Czech television

Travel agencies are preparing for the tourist season. Up to one million Czechs plan to travel abroad – T24 – Czech television

Slavia Insurance refunds Firo Tour clients

For example, Slavia insurance company has already started paying for missed trips to Firo Tour travel agency clients. Although the company has not yet declared bankruptcy, according to the insurance company, it is unable to fulfill its obligations. Refunds must be made by customers who are entitled to it, for example due to seniority or who have a coupon. Some of them have been waiting for insurance benefits for nearly a year.

“The claims have already been paid to the travel agency’s first clients. Others are coming and the insurance company is well prepared to handle them,” said Martina Lambert, a spokeswoman for the insurance company.

According to Firo Tour representative Lucie Frnochová, the refund relates to contracts that have been canceled or for which lex vouchers have been issued. People can redeem unused vacation vouchers. The spokeswoman added that “the rounds purchased by customers in 2020 and scheduled for this year will be realized.”

It is not clear whether the travel agency branches will open again. The company is now negotiating with creditors to reorganize it.

Foreign vacations under passports Covid

How the tourism season develops depends on the future course of the Coronavirus epidemic and vaccination. The key to free travel will be the so-called Covid passports, in which EU citizens must have their vaccinations, negative test result, or the amount of antibody registered.

The European Union is still negotiating the final version of the travel document, including with countries such as the United States, Israel and Norway, as well as with Britain, Switzerland and Iceland. The final version will be approved by the member states and the European Parliament before the holidays.

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Denmark has already launched the Covid passport project. The document is part of what is called a digital ID, which means that it is associated with an ID. On the other hand, Estonia plans to send a QR code to people’s cell phones by the end of the month. In Israel, for a change, they submit a printed form or show the code on a special request. However, residents complain of problems obtaining passports and attempts to falsify data on phones.

Passports in these countries will make it easy to travel, even abroad. They should also allow people to visit restaurants, theaters, and even group events.