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Travelers report great interest.  However, the terms of holidays are constantly changing

Travelers report great interest. However, the terms of holidays are constantly changing

Tourism cut off from Coronavir is slowly waking up. This is aided by the gradual vaccination of people, as well as partial agreements between countries on the travel conditions they will require for tourists. Despite the fact that summer holidays are taking off slowly, travel agencies are reporting great interest. In addition to travel, it is also promoting Prague Airport, which will double the destination offering to seventy destinations in June.

Tourism along with gastronomy has been and continues to be the hardest hit area of ​​business that has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. Travel was practically halted during the strict lockdowns and it was very difficult to vacation in a foreign country or by sea. However, with the first vaccination or confirmation of coronavirus infection, people start to care about staying outside.

This is evidenced by the Association of Czech Travel Agencies, which is watching the huge increase for the second week in a row. The reason is that there is a bilateral agreement between seven European countries, namely Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Germany. However, travel conditions are also different in these countries. While, for example, Croatia can receive Czech vaccinations 22 days after the first dose of the vaccine, or after a test or after illness in the last 180 days, Austria also allows the detection of antibodies. According to the association, the increase is also notable because it is easy to obtain clear evidence of vaccination, testing or disease Citizen vaccination portal.

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According to the president of the association, Roman Skrapanek, the demand for outdoor tours can be observed in the middle of May. “So far, the Czechs have traveled a lot with travel agencies to Egypt, the Canary Islands and the United Arab Emirates. These days, the first charter flights to Greece and Bulgaria depart from Prague. Accommodation providers in Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia have also welcomed the first customers from the Czech Republic. By one estimate, as many as 96 percent of vacationers will go to European destinations this season,” Skrapanek said.

However, it is possible that after a long time, travel agencies will not have enough places to stay. According to Skrapanek, travel agents have contracted for less capacity and the benefit is now huge. “Our recommendation is to resolve the holiday at least a month before departure or departure and not leave the arrangement until the last minute,” Skrapanek said.

There is interest in foreign holidays, although the conditions for entry into individual countries are constantly changing. This applies to both arrival and return to the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs exports to other countries travel mapWhich is divided according to the return guarantee. From some high-risk countries, quarantine or the need for a PCR test when entering the country.

According to the ministry’s travel map, some insurance companies are also subject, which does not allow insurance in case the traveler is injured in a foreign country. Some travel agencies deal with this by offering additional insurance to cover any quarantine and alternative travel. This is provided, for example, by the travel agency Fischer, which offers additional insurance from 240 to 490 kroner when traveling in Europe. Similar insurance from Ax Assistance covers quarantine starting from 320 kroner.

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In addition to the growing demand for foreign holidays, Prague Airport is also strengthening its connections. The largest Czech airport is facing the acute impact of the coronary crisis, when 79 percent of passengers lost 79 percent last year. In all, 3.66 million were handled, which is the lowest in the last 25 years.

However, a significant promotion is expected in June. The width of the destinations is set to double to more than 70. “With the summer season, airlines are gradually adding links to other destinations, and at the beginning of June, they renew flights to popular holiday destinations and other interesting places in Europe. We expect another increase in traffic And the number of passengers handled in the coming weeks and months.Czech demand for travel is increasing, and this will help not only by vaccinating residents of other age groups, adjusting travel conditions, but also the planned introduction of so-called covid passports that will standardize travel in the EU ,

Photo: Echo24