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Židovská čtvrť v Třebíči.

Třebíč trip attracts. Stroll the romantic streets of the Jewish City

The city of Třebíč is completely unique in its culture and history. On the narrow and winding streets of the Jewish Quarter you’ll see 123 preserved homes. Among other things, you will find two synagogues, the Jewish Town Hall or the Rabbi’s house. You can also see a former orphanage, a hospital, and two schools. Some of the homes today are used as museums, so you can take a look at the historic bedrooms or baths of Jewish families.

The Jewish Museum is located in the restored Selingmann Bauer house, next to the synagogue. The museum displays the life and work of a real Jewish family. The exhibit includes a Jewish shop, an illustration of Jewish living with a place where the shopkeepers cook, as well as a historic entrance to the Synagogue’s Women’s Gallery and modern lecture rooms.

The Jewish quarter of Topez will be overwhelmed with its unique atmosphere, especially in the summer months, when the Jewish City Revival or the Shamaim Festival of Jewish Culture is held here.

The Jewish Quarter, along with the Jewish cemetery located near here, was included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 2003.

The Jewish Quarter is open to the public.

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