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Tree rings help figure out how storms disturbed forests, Hard Guards Vda

Prague I examined the annual tree to help see how the vichic disturbed forests. This comes after a research study conducted by the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (ZU). According to experts, wall symbol is rare after several codes, so it is unclear how it causes the multiple types of icons. The use of dendrochronology opens new possibilities.

The study thus provided new insights into the impact of summer storms on the forests of Central and Eastern Europe. Zayed University first saw the research in the press today, behind it is the College of Forestry and Forestry.

According to data from the National Forest Inventories, trees in European forests are affected by winds due to their mortality in about half of the cases. Scientists said that the help of the annual ring can be detected when disturbances occur – the so-called perturbation. Either you see a finger suddenly raised after the so-called loosening, or a large number of seeds grow rapidly in the crown due to the lack of a wall provided by the surrounding trees, which died as a result of powerful misfortunes, as described by the lead author of the study Jessica Margarita Petitov.

Once we have the timeline of disturbances, we can compare it to the wind patterns that occur during the winter and summer to see which ones are responsible for disrupting trees and dismantling surrounding trees, added co-researcher Miroslav Svoboda.

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While in winter there are often strong winds, in summer there is a danger of tornado. Thus, with the help of the annual circle, he discovered that both types of shrubs are the only dead growths in the Carpathians. Tree return due to large winter storms is still stable, and the fact that the impact of summer storms has also been recorded is unusual according to ZU. In addition to searching with the help of the annual ring, this finding is as clear as another benefit of research.

Thus Svoboda indicated that according to the study, the vast area is increasing and the large winter storms are on the increase. According to the research, the disturbance it causes is forest dependent. He said that the study included several positions that showed consistent significance for vulnerable disorders. These positions showed some tactile factors to reduce the catastrophic effect of the wind. He added that it was short-lived. According to research, this resistance may be due to the age of the tree’s variety – if trees are differently old and tall, they do not contain all the gusts of wind and are not dropped in a single storm.

Studii o vzkumu publikoval asopis Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres.