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Tricks used by players to break the fast during matches

Tricks used by players to break the fast during matches

Fasting players face difficulty in order to break the fast during official matches, as FIFA laws do not require the referee to stop play in order to allow them to break the fast before resuming play normally.

Although the FA made a remarkable decision, when it gave the referees the freedom to stop the matches to allow the fasting players to break their fast, the position of the French Federation was shocking, after it imposed on the referees not to stop the matches to allow the players to break their fast.

It will not be difficult for the players to find tricks in order to break the fast without being punished, as some of them devised simple tricks in order to circumvent the laws, which allow the referee to stop playing when matches are played at high temperatures, and do not allow him to stop playing for a minute in order to break the fast.

The Tunisian goalkeeper, Moez Hassan, made the event during the Tunisian national team’s preparations for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where he claimed that he was injured against Portugal, which forced the referee to stop playing automatically, since the goalkeeper has a special situation, and during the period of his fall to receive first aid, the players were They took advantage of the situation to break their fast.

This incident was also renewed in 2021 in the Turkish First Division, when one of the Ankara club players, Keji Oren, caused the injury, which allowed the rest of the players to gather and break their fast, and the funny thing is that one of the players of their competitor Giresunspor joined them, and ate with them a little food to break his fast before Resume play.

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This incident was renewed in the Italian League during the 28th week, yesterday, Saturday, with the Moroccan with Sofiane Amrabat, in the Fiorentina and Inter meeting, where Italian defender Luca Ranieri claimed the injury to allow his Moroccan colleague to break the fast, a movement that attracted the attention of the masses widely, given that the Italian Federation did not ask Referees are requested to stop play for a few minutes, in order to allow fasting players to break their fast.

And the Moroccan duo, Hakim Ziyech and Naseer Mazraoui, when they were in the Dutch team Ajax Amsterdam, insisted on fasting during the English confrontation with Tottenham in the Champions League semi-finals 2019, and they prepared to break the fast by leaving some liquid sweets with a member of the technical staff, and they broke their fast while playing, but without stopping. the match.

And in the NBA, the American player Kyrie Irving’s breakfast clip during one of the Brooklyn Nets matches last year brought great follow-up rates, as basketball laws allow the coach to make an unlimited number of changes during one match, but the player returned to the bench. Precaution, coinciding with the call to prayer, and he was seen breaking his fast before completing the match, as he took advantage of the laws well in order to break his fast without harming his club.

Meanwhile, some players were lucky, such as Leicester City player Wesley Fofana, who was given the referee, last season, an opportunity to break his fast during one of his team’s matches in the English Premier League.

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