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Triple waterproof thermometer with real-time graph on Google Drive - Živě.cz

Triple waterproof thermometer with real-time graph on Google Drive – Živě.cz

Today we’ll show you how to connect from a Wi-Fi board to a spreadsheet document in Google Drive storage and how any data is stored in it, which is instantly reflected in the graph.

Reader Rudolf Pliva recently contacted us. Rudolph has a small business that installs air conditioning units, and he’ll need a smart test thermometer on a cable long enough to connect to the shaft.

The thermometer then measures the air temperature at a predetermined period of time and sends the data to a document that is scheduled for service Google Drive. At the same time, Rudolph needs a metering unit that contains exactly three temperature sensors.

We designed it for Rudolf and in the video below you can see how it looks and works mainly in practice.

Take a look at the ultimate temperature probe triple:

We will place a thermometer with Wi-Fi over the waterproof sensors DS18B20, It will act as a microcontroller Raspberry Pi Zero W And as a data and graph store Spreadsheet document on Google Drive.

Živě.cz Premium readers can review a step-by-step detailed description of ingredients and procedures below in the article. Complete the source codes as normal It can be found on Github From our series Electronics Programming.

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