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Trudeau is a tyrant... and a congresswoman introduces legislation to grant asylum to protesters

Trudeau is a tyrant… and a congresswoman introduces legislation to grant asylum to protesters

A member of the European Parliament has criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for cracking down on anti-vaccine protesters in the capital, Ottawa.

“The Prime Minister of Canada, in the way he is now behaving like a tyrant or a dictator. He is like Ceausescu in Romania,” said Representative Christian Terhei of Romania during a speech to the European Parliament in Brussels. “If you raise doubts about vaccines, you are an outcast. What is the difference between what people do and what happened under the Inquisition?”

“On the one hand, they say well that we shouldn’t believe in God but on the other hand they say we should believe in science. We don’t have to. Science is not about faith, science is about measurements, conclusions, hypotheses, and arguments,” Tirts continued.

Terheis said he provides support to truck drivers peacefully participating in the Freedom Caravan in Canada. “I hope this movement for freedom and for rights spreads around the world, because at the end of the day, we have to make sure that these elected officials understand that they were elected to those positions for the sake of the people and should not act like slave masters.” .

The protests in Ottawa attracted worldwide attention. Many US Republicans have shown their support for the Freedom Caravan, and Republican Representative Yvette Herrell said Saturday she would introduce legislation to grant temporary asylum to those participating in the Ottawa protests.

Trudeau invoked emergency law for the first time in Canadian history to try to end the blockade. On Sunday, Ottawa police said 191 people had been arrested in connection with the protest. Of those arrested, 103 were charged, with the main charges being harm and obstruction.

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89 of them have been released on conditions that “include borders that they are not allowed to cross”, the others have been released unconditionally so far, and 57 vehicles have been towed.

US Capitol police were seen erecting a fence in anticipation of a US convoy of freedom planning to descend on Washington, DC, ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union address.