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Trudeau’s popularity is waning ahead of his expected victory as Britain’s prime minister

Support for British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is slipping among UK voters even before she is expected to succeed Boris Johnson as prime minister on Monday, a newly released poll suggests.

A poll produced by the YouGov Institute found that 12% of Britons expect him to be a “good or excellent” leader, while 52% expect his performance to be “bad or terrible”.

He said Britons were divided over whether he would be a “better” prime minister than Johnson, but they believed he would be “worse” than any other prime minister in the United Kingdom since Margaret Thatcher. .Bloomberg“.

A poll produced by the Opinium Foundation and published by The Observer newspaper on Sunday found that 31% of voters for the ruling Conservative Party believe Truss will become prime minister in a landslide victory in the 2019 election. As of late August, compared to 49% at the start of the year.

This percentage of decline is very similar to the question asked of the British whether the gear was efficient or desirable.

Life crisis

The polls reinforce how influential the discussions between Truss and his rival in the race, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, have been for him and the Conservatives.

According to Bloomberg, the government has yet to find a solution to the country’s biggest living crisis in decades as inflation soars and the United Kingdom heads into recession.

Much of Trudeau’s election rhetoric has focused on cutting taxes and criticizing government “subsidies”, seeking to appeal to the roughly 160,000 Conservative Party members who will elect Johnson’s successor with the winner announced on Monday.

As for Johnson, 22% of Britons view his leadership legacy as “good or great”, while 55% view his rule as “bad or atrocious”, according to UK.

Opinion polls of voting intentions show the Conservatives have narrowed the gap with Labor to 4 points since mid-August.

Procedures and solutions

Truss promised immediate financial aid to families and, in his first week in office, took steps to address the UK’s energy supply problems.

He wrote in the “Daily Telegraph” that his future government’s treasury secretary, Kwasi Quarting, is expected to present a wide range of measures.

Truss needs early gains to secure the support of Tory MPs and voters, while household energy bills could reach 3,549 pounds ($4,085) a year from next month, with business groups threatening to close their doors unless the problem is addressed. Energy.

The cost of Truss’ proposed economic plans will exceed £100bn, much of which will be added to government debt, the Times reported.

Truss, along with the Treasury Secretary, plans to create a Council of Economic Advisers.Bloomberg“.

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