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Trump announces his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election

Trump announces his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election

was Trump He hinted earlier at the possibility of his candidacy again, saying that he would make a “big announcement” from his residence in Florida, which in recent days no longer aroused much suspense, especially after rumors circulated about his preparations for a contest. The race to the White House Once again.

Jason Miller, an adviser to Trump, said on the Warroom podcast, which is presented by another friend of the former Republican president. Steve Bannon“President Trump will announce on Tuesday that he is a candidate for the presidential elections. It will be a very professional and very elaborate announcement.”

Miller noted that he met Trump (76) earlier Friday, who told him, “Of course I’m going to run. I’m going to do that, and I want to make sure that people realize that I’m motivated and that we need to get the country back on track. Everyone knows I’m running.”

This will be Trump’s third nomination in the race for the White House. Although it is undeniable to have an effect on the Republican Party, However, the former Republican president emerged weak last Tuesday from the midterm elections that disappointed many members of his party.

While the final results are not yet out, it appears that the Democrats have managed to limit their losses.

Several days after the polls, the counting of votes continued on Friday amid an atmosphere of suspense, while the control of any party on the polls has not yet been resolved. Congress.

It seemed that the Republicans were on their way to obtaining a majority in the House of Representatives, but they still lacked seven seats.

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For the Senate, a vote in Nevada and another in Arizona could be decisive. If one of the two parties wins these two seats, it guarantees its control over the Senate.