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Tunisia .. A new investigation against Ennahda on suspicion of obtaining foreign support

The Tunisian judiciary has opened a new investigation against The Renaissance MovementAfter the disclosure of the contract of (Loubing), a pressure company, which the movement concluded last week to campaign in its favor in the United States of America with the aim of improving its image and manipulating public opinion, in order to form a pressure group against President Qais Saeed after his exceptional decisions.

The spokesperson for the Court of First Instance, Mohsen El-Dali, said in a statement to the TAP news agency, today, Friday, that the Public Prosecution is in the process of collecting data regarding a contract between an international agency for communication and public relations and the Ennahda party, to issue a decision to that effect.

He also added that the Public Prosecution is in the process of carrying out the necessary investigations to take a decision either to open a new investigation or to include the matter in the current case related to the so-called “lobbying contracts” in the legislative elections.

money from abroad

This came, after the controversy raised by the circulation of documents about a contract it concluded The Renaissance Movement And the agency “Burson Cohen & Wolfe” on July 29, with a value of $30,000, aims to facilitate the party’s communication with the main actors in the United States of America, provide media support and provide advice in strategic communication, which is prohibited and punished by Tunisian law, which prohibits political parties Political dependence on foreign support and the acquisition of funds from abroad.

The Renaissance Movement

The economic and financial judicial pole had opened an investigation in mid-July against the Ennahda Movement, the Heart of Tunisia Party, and the Aish Tounisi Association, about lobbying contracts related to obtaining foreign funding for the electoral campaign and accepting funds of unknown origin, based on what was revealed by the final report of the Court of Auditors on the results of monitoring Financing the premature presidential and legislative elections of 2019.

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This comes as the Ennahda movement resorted to abroad, after its failure to achieve internal popular and political mobilization against Said’s decisions to freeze parliament, strip its members of immunity and dismiss the government.