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Tunisia... Expected presidential decisions to relieve officials in high positions

Tunisia… Expected presidential decisions to relieve officials in high positions

After a day that witnessed many protests and interactions, Tunisia lives today, Tuesday, Relative field calmA while the Tunisian street awaits any measures announced by President Kais Saied regarding the formation of the new government.

In this regard, Al-Arabiya sources reported that the decisions expected from the president include exemptions for officials in high positions.

Attention is also directed to the Carthage Palace to find out the identity of the next prime minister, who is expected to be revealed by President Qais Saeed in the coming hours, to succeed the dismissed Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi, who announced his acceptance of Saeed’s decisions and his readiness to hand over responsibility to anyone chosen by the president, stressing that he will not be idle or Part of the problem increases the complexity of the country’s situation.

It is also expected that the nominated figure will be from the vicinity of President Qais Saied and from the circle close to him, provided that it has the approval of the national organizations whose leaders Saied received yesterday, Monday at Carthage Palace, to clarify the decisions he took under Chapter 80, and to consult with them about the next stage.

On Sunday, President Qais Saeed announced the freezing of all parliament’s competencies for a month, stripping its members of immunity and dismissing the government led by Hisham al-Mashishi, in exchange for his assumption of the presidency of the executive authority and the Public Prosecution, based on Chapter 80 of the constitution, which was considered by Parliament Speaker and leader of the Ennahda Movement Rashid Ghannouchi. A coup against the constitution and revolution.

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On the other hand, the Ennahda movement responded by calling on its supporters to take to the streets yesterday to defend what it called legitimacy, which led to clashes and confrontations with the security forces.