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Tunisia .. The arrest of a judge in possession of 1.5 million dinars (video)


Tunisia .. The arrest of a judge in possession of 1.5 million dinars

Tunisian media reported on Tuesday evening that the Diwaniyah Guard of the state of Monastir arrested a judge on Tuesday with her (about 450 thousand euros).

In the details, a security source told Echorouk Online that the aforementioned judge was arrested in a car on the road linking the cities of El Jem and Sfax.

The source explained that the arrest process did not take place at Monastir Airport, contrary to what was previously mentioned, explaining that the concerned person was caught carrying a sum of money of about 450 thousand euros.

For his part, the spokesman for the General Administration of Customs, Brigadier Haitham Al-Zinad, confirmed to “Shams FM” radio that the Diwaniyah Guard Division in Monastir managed to seize a foreign currency smuggling network and seized foreign currency.

Brigadier-General Al-Zinad stated that the arrest operation took place following an informational work for the interests of the Diwaniyah Guard in Monastir about a foreign currency smuggling network operating between the eastern center and the southern borders of Tunisia, explaining that the car that was seized bears a Tunisian numbering led by a judge whose specifications match the information available about the network.

The same source added that by subjecting the car to inspection, a bag was found containing a significant sum of foreign currency, worth about 1.5 million dinars.

He pointed out that the suspect was interrogated in the presence of a representative of the Public Prosecution Office in Monastir, who stated that she intended to transfer these sums of money to a city in the south for the benefit of some parties that are active in the field of currency smuggling.

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He stated that a seizure report was issued for this purpose and the Public Prosecution pledged to complete the legal procedures with the suspect.

This was reported by the official spokesman for the Appeals Department of Monastir That the Public Prosecution authorized the conduct of research to find out the source of the funds, noting that, by hearing the concerned judge, she stated that she had no knowledge of the amount or nature of the money, and that she transferred it for the sake of credit alone.

He explained that the investigations are continuing until the owner of the seized funds is heard, and permission has been given to seize the judge’s car, prohibiting travel on it, and keeping it in a state of release pending the identification of the reality of the transaction taking place between the two parties.

Tunisia .. The arrest of a judge in possession of 1.5 million dinars (video)

Source: Tunisian media