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Tunisia.. The investigative judge directs to stop the search of 4 deputies from the “Dignity Coalition” (document)


Tunisia.. The investigative judge orders to stop the search of 4 deputies from the “Dignity Coalition”

The first investigative judge in the First Office of the Permanent Military Court of First Instance in Tunis ordered on Monday evening to stop searching for a lawyer and 4 representatives of the “Dignity Coalition”.

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Tunisia..Security forces surround the Dean of Lawyers to arrest lawyer Mahdi Zagrouba in a case

The first investigative judge instructed the head of the Criminal Cases Sub-division to stop searching for Seif El-Din Makhlouf, Nidal Al-Saudi, Abdul-Latif Al-Alawi and Muhammad Al-Afas (members of the Karama coalition bloc in the frozen parliament) and lawyer Mahdi Zagrouba, pending completion of the rest of the legal procedures against them. This is in connection with the case of attacking airport security in March 2021.

Mohamed El-Hadfi, head of the regional branch of lawyers in Tunisia, confirmed that, on Monday night, the branch obtained a card to stop the inspection of lawyer Mehdi Zagrouba by the military investigative judge and set a hearing for him on August 9.

In a statement to TAP, Al-Hadfi indicated that the Deanship of Lawyers adhered to the necessity of respecting the procedures and issuing a card to stop searching so that lawyer Zagrouba could return to his home.

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Tunisia.. Makhlouf responds to an organization

It is noteworthy that, on Monday, security teams went to the Dean of Lawyers to implement the summons card issued against lawyer Mahdi Zagrouba, who is wanted by the military judiciary and issued against him by virtue of a judicial representation of the Judicial Police Department.

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Lawyer Mahdi Zagrouba and members of his defense staff have protested since midday on Monday, in front of the Dean of Lawyers’ Office to express their refusal to refer Zagrouba to the military judiciary, in what is known as the “airport storming” case.

The official spokesman for the Court of Appeal in Tunis, Habib Tarkhani, had confirmed that, on July 29, 2021, the attorney general of the Court of Appeal authorized the public prosecutor of the Court of First Instance in Tunis to open an investigation regarding a complaint submitted by the Republican Security Syndicate and agents of the research interest at Tunis-Carthage Airport against Seif El-Din Makhlouf ( Lawyer and Member of Parliament) and Mahdi Zagrouba (lawyer) regarding what is known as the “Airport Incident” that took place on March 15, 2021.

Tunisia.. The investigative judge directs to stop the search of 4 deputies for

Source: Tunisian news agency