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The eyes of Tunisians turn to the Presidential Palace in Carthage, where he is expected to announce Tunisian President Kais SaiedToday, Tuesday, the name of the prime minister who will lead the country during the next exceptional stage, and undertake the task of trying to get it out of the economic, financial and social crisis it is experiencing.

President Qais Saeed has so far appointed 3 names to run the most prominent ministries. communication technologies.

But a week after Saied’s decisions to dismiss Prime Minister Hisham al-Mashishi and freeze parliament, Tunisians are still waiting for what Saied will do and are waiting to fill the vacancy of the most important position in the state and to announce the person who will lead the government team that began choosing its members, which is likely to be announced this evening, Tuesday, According to the assertions of the representative of the “People’s Movement” Heikal Al-Makki.

Until today, President Qais Saeed, who leads successive meetings with the national and civil forces active in the country, has not revealed his next plan and his visions for the next stage, and the identity of the next prime minister, but the names of former Finance Minister Nizar Yaish and Central Bank Governor Marwan al-Abbasi are being circulated vigorously. Two personalities with economic and financial background.

Marwan al-Abbasi, President Kais Saied met him two days ago at the Carthage Palace, and he told him, “We will work together to achieve the goals of the Tunisian people in employment, freedom and national dignity,” in a statement picked up by the Tunisians, who considered it an indication that al-Abbasi might be the next prime minister.

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Al-Abbasi, governor of the Central Bank since 2018, is an economist with a rich career, as he previously worked as a consultant at the Arab Institute for Heads of Enterprises, then an expert at the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies, and an economic advisor to the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Handicrafts.

Al-Abbasi worked as a professor of economics at the universities of Brussels, New York, Japan and Tunisia. He also worked at the World Bank Group as a senior economist and country coordinator for programs in Libya, before he was appointed in 2010 as a representative of the World Bank in Libya and in 2012 as director of its office.

The second candidate for the position of Prime Minister is also a person with economic and financial orientations and experiences, and he is the former Minister of Finance in the government of Elias Fakhfakh Nizar Yaish, who was known for his strict stances on corruption and his professionalism during his tenure in the ministry.

Nizar Yaish is close to President Kais Saied. He met him last March, and gave him a detailed presentation of the state of the economy, public finances, and the budget and its direct threats to national security, as well as a set of proposals and perceptions of solutions and reforms to help Tunisia in the current economic crisis.