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Tunisia's new government is illegitimate

Tunisia’s new government is illegitimate

The Tunisian Ennahda movement considered, on Thursday, that the operation The formation of the government of Najla Bouden It was marred by irregularities, and described it as an “illegitimate de facto government.”

It also said in a statement issued by its executive office: “The loss of legitimacy will multiply the challenges and obstacles in front of it in dealing with national affairs and dealing with international partners.”

This comes in conjunction with the new Tunisian government holding its first meeting today, at the Carthage Palace, under the supervision of Mr President of the Republic, Kais Saied.

During the past weeks, the movement launched criticism against Saeed, accusing him of violating the laws, after the measures he took on July 25, after he dissolved the government and suspended the work of Parliament, suspending the membership of representatives, in a procedure based on articles in the Tunisian constitution.

These measures were welcomed by a large part of Tunisians, while Ennahda and its allies opposed the matter.

It also criticized the formation of the new government announced a few days ago.

Naglaa Boden (archive – AFP)

economic crisis

The Prime Minister had previously stressed “the importance of uniting efforts to get out of the economic crisis that Tunisia is experiencing.”

It also stressed the “necessity to achieve a balance in public finances and proceed with the necessary economic reforms.”

It is noteworthy that Saeed Sadiq, last Monday, announced the formation of the Boden government, stressing in a speech he delivered after the ministers took the constitutional oath before him, the need to succeed in overcoming the crisis.

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