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Turkey and Saudi Arabia intend to start a new era of cooperation

Turkey and Saudi Arabia intend to start a new era of cooperation

In a joint statement following the talks between the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the two countries discussed improving relations and investing in the energy, defense and other sectors.

During the talks, the bilateral relations between the two countries were reviewed from various aspects, and their common determination to enhance cooperation in the bilateral relations between the two countries was confirmed in the strongest terms, including the political, economic, military, security and cultural fields. The two sides exchanged views on the most prominent regional and international developments of common interest.

Trade and Investment

The two sides discussed ways to develop and diversify intra-regional trade, facilitate trade exchange between the two countries, overcome any difficulties in this regard, and intensify communication between the public and private sectors in the two countries to discuss investment opportunities and translate them into tangible partnerships in various fields, praising the great economic potentials of the two countries as members of the Group of Twenty. , and the opportunities offered by the vision Saudi 2030 In all fields.

They also agreed to activate the work of the Saudi-Turkish Coordination Council, raise the level of cooperation and coordination on issues of common interest, and work on exchanging experiences between specialists in the two countries.


The two sides expressed their aspiration to cooperate in the fields of energyThese include petroleum and refining, petrochemicals, energy efficiency, electricity, renewable energy, innovation and clean technologies for hydrocarbon resources, low-carbon and hydrogen fuels, and work to localize energy sector products and associated supply chains, and develop projects related to these areas.

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The environment

In the field of environment and climate change, Turkey welcomed the Kingdom’s launch of the “Green Saudi Arabia” and “Green Middle East” initiatives and expressed its support for the Kingdom’s efforts in the field of climate change through the application of the circular carbon economy approach, launched by the Kingdom and endorsed by the leaders of the Group of Twenty countries.

The two sides reiterated the importance of adhering to the principles of the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement, and the need to develop and implement the climate agreement by focusing on emissions without sources.

Artificial intelligence

The two parties agreed to develop productive and investment partnerships in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital technologies and smart cities, and to encourage private sector actors working in these areas to cooperate.

Defense and politics

In the defense issue, the two sides agreed to activate the agreements signed between the two countries in the fields of defense defense cooperationstrengthening and developing it in a way that serves the interests of the two countries and contributes to achieving security and stability in the region.

The two sides stressed the importance of cooperation in the field of tourism, developing the tourism movement between the two countries, exploring the tourism potentials of each country, and strengthening joint work for the benefit of the tourism sector and its development according to the bilateral agreements signed between the two countries.

The two sides affirmed their efforts to intensify Cooperat Coordination and exchange of views on important issues and issues on the regional and international arenas, in a way that contributes to supporting and strengthening security and stability in the region. Supporting political solutions to all crises in the countries of the region, with an emphasis on not compromising the sovereignty of any of them, and seeking everything that would keep the countries of the region away from tensions, and lay the foundations for Security and stability in it.

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The two parties also affirmed their determination to increase cooperation and effective coordination between them within the framework of regional and international organizations, particularly the Organizations of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations. And to continue their close cooperation to ensure peace, stability and security in the region.

For his part, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud expressed his thanks for the hospitality of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, as well as the intimacy and love that prevailed during the visit of His Highness and the accompanying delegation.