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Turkey is not invited to the "Democracy Summit" in America... What does that mean?

Turkey is not invited to the “Democracy Summit” in America… What does that mean?

The leak, which was reported by the American newspaper “Politico”, indicated that Turkey and Hungary are the only NATO countries that will not be invited, adding that the predominant opinion of American decision makers towards the Turkish president is that he is a “political leader who undermines the democratic system.”

The summit, to be held on December 9-10 in Washington, is expected to be presented by the US President from the past And his political team, during which, a group of discussions on the flow of the Internet, public freedoms and literacy, and the imposition of basics related to the mechanism for providing technologies at the world level, and presented a set of pledges and agreements that guarantee the commitment of countries and leaders participating in the summit to what they pledge.

In a detailed report published on the occasion, the American organization Freedom House had pointed out the importance of the summit detailing countries and political leaders who support democratic values ​​and behaviors, and creating internal unity among them, to confront the dictatorships that sow unrest in various regions of the world.

Official Spokespersons White House They refused to comment on these leaks, although they did not deny their authenticity, as the final and official list has not yet been released.

However, observers pointed out that these leaks reported by the American press are expected from the American authorities, which do not leave an occasion without reminding the levels of public and political freedoms within Turkey, including the arrest of thousands of journalists and politicians and the decline in the role of civil society in the country, in addition to the increase in the pace of nationalist and identitarian discourses within the country, Turkey has been regressing annually in the standards of achieving democracy over the past ten years.

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The American magazine “Foreign Policy” revealed that “invitations to the Democracy Summit will be directed this week to heads of state around the world, including leaders of countries of questionable democratic origins in recent years, as Poland, Mexico and the Philippines are among the countries that Biden plans to invite.” Which means that the current US administration does not have confidence in the possibility of Turkey changing its current approach during his rule Erdogan, because it became considered at the other rudder completely.

The “Financial Times” newspaper also published a report about the “confusion of the US administration” with Turkey and its president, in which it said: “What about Erdogan? He won several elections and heads an allied country within a grouping.” NATOBut prominent opposition politicians and journalists are imprisoned in Turkey. If Biden invites leaders like Erdogan he will reduce the credibility of his democracy summit, and if he does not invite them, he will risk pushing them into the arms of China and Russia”.