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Turkey .. The hashtag "Tayyib Erdogan's resignation" invades Twitter

Turkey .. The hashtag “Tayyib Erdogan’s resignation” invades Twitter

Turkish authorities still Struggling to control fires raging in several states On the Aegean and the Mediterranean, amid mounting criticism of the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for failing to put out the fire, a hashtag appeared on Twitter calling for Erdogan to resign, while the Supreme Council of Radio and Television threatened sanctions against local channel correspondents who broadcast news that “provokes fear and chaos among the people.” “.

Firefighters and volunteers Fighting to put out fires in several areas.

“Turkey is fighting with its 45 helicopters and its three planes, and we have air support from 6 countries,” Mustafa Ozkaya, assistant director of the General Directorate of Forests, said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the hashtag “Tayyib Erdogan’s resignation” swept Twitter with more than 360,000 tweets, as of Tuesday noon, as tweeters criticized the performance of the Turkish President’s government towards the fires, and its delay in seeking foreign support from countries on the pretext that Turkey is strong.

The hashtag “HelpTurkey” also invaded social media with more than 2.4 million tweets on Twitter, prompting the director of communications in the Turkish presidency, Fahrettin Altun, to say that the “so-called aid campaign” was launched from abroad, “for ideological purposes to weaken our state and weaken our country.” The unity of our state and our nation,” adding that “Turkey is strong.”

On Monday, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu responded to criticism of the government, saying, “I can’t put out the fires with my own hands, our duty is to provide logistical support.”

In a related context, the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council threatened the correspondents of local channels who report on the fires, saying that “some channels are trying to create chaos.”

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In a statement on Tuesday, the council said the bushfires were being successfully put out by firefighting teams, and that broadcast footage of the burning areas would “serve those looking for chaos”.

The statement added that many broadcasters and correspondents broadcast reports that would cause chaos and anxiety among the people, adding that the reports from the ground frustrate the morale of the people and the fire brigades, and at the end of the statement pointed to imposing severe penalties on reporters who do not abide by the council’s rules.