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Turkish Foreign Ministry summons Bulgarian ambassador to Ankara


Anadolu Agency said that the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Bulgarian ambassador in Ankara and informed her of her refusal to accuse Turkey of interfering in Bulgaria’s internal affairs.

The Turkish ministry also rejects allegations that Ankara directed Bulgarian Turks during the recent parliamentary and presidential elections in Bulgaria.

According to the agency, the Turkish Foreign Ministry rejects allegations made by Sofia regarding the elections that took place in Bulgaria on November 14.

The agency quoted sources in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, that Faruk Kaymakci, the Turkish assistant foreign minister, summoned the Bulgarian ambassador, Engel Hristov Chulakov, on Thursday evening, and informed her of his country’s dissatisfaction with these actions.

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During the meeting with the Bulgarian ambassador, Kaymaçi stressed the right of Bulgarian voters of Turkish origin to use their basic rights in elections and to express their choices, and that Bulgaria, which is a member of the European Union, should not deny them this right.

The Turkish official handed the Bulgarian ambassador a memorandum containing these points, and stressed that he did not expect that the Bulgarian Turkish electorate to vote inside Turkey would be used as a means in Bulgarian domestic politics.

He also condemned the demonstrations and inappropriate behavior that took place in front of the Turkish Embassy in Sofia.

Anadolu Agency indicated that the summoning of the Bulgarian ambassador came after the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador, Aylin Skes Kok, to inform her of the Bulgarian side’s protest.

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Source: Anadolu Agency