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Turkish opposition leader addressing Erdogan’s son: Who are you?

France Press agency

Zaman newspaper reported that the leader of the opposition Republican People’s Party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, strongly attacked Bilal Erdogan, the president’s son, asking in a denouncing manner: “Who are you and from whom do you derive your authority?”

The opposition newspaper, Zaman, indicated that the Republican People’s Party Chairman, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, criticized “the recent scandals in which the (Togeva) Endowment, of which Bilal Erdogan is one of its most prominent founders, was implicated, as it was found that the endowment interferes with government appointments.”

The newspaper quoted Kilicdaroglu as saying: “The president’s son should respect his father’s position and not take advantage of it, his behavior should be exemplary, and he should not appoint people to government jobs by nepotism by stopping him (Tujva).”

The Turkish opposition leader addressed Erdogan’s son, saying: “Who are you! Who are you and from whom do you get your power? Does being the president’s son give you the right to make this mess? The president’s son should implement the court’s decision first and foremost.”

Kılıçdaroğlu stressed the need for “the president’s son not to be able to appoint employees to the favoritism,” asking in the context, “What does one who cannot reach the president’s son do?”

He pointed out that “if Bilal Erdogan appoints people to state jobs, in that case they are employed by the palace and not the state, and in this case employment exams should be abolished.”

The newspaper “Zaman” pointed out that many of the scandals about stopping Tugva appeared in the past days, and that the most prominent of them was “involvement in the killing of soldiers on the night of the coup, and the confiscation of institutions affiliated with the service movement, as well as the appointment of government loyalists to government jobs.”

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