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“Turn your sleep into entertainment.” The launch of the “Pokemon Sleep” game soon

Tokyo: AFP

The Pokemon Company announced that it will launch “Pokemon Sleep” in most parts of the world during the summer of 2023, a game that focuses on a more relaxing activity than its previous game, “Pokemon Go”, sleep.

“Turn your sleep into entertainment,” the company said in a statement Monday.

And the advertising clips of the new game indicated that the latter combines sleep tracking applications in smartphones and games.

And the company added, “The adventure will take place on a small island, where the player will research the methods used by Pokemon characters to sleep,” adding, “The player will deal with the character “Snorlax” living on the island and with “Neroli”, a professor who studies Pokemon sleep patterns.

And she continued, “The more periods the player sleeps, the more his points will be in the morning, and more Pokemon will appear around Snorlax.”

Pokemon fans will have the opportunity to purchase “Pokemon Go Plus”, which is a tool that takes the form of a Pokemon ball, and the user of the game can place it next to his pillow, and this tool launches Pikachu’s voice saying “funny phrases when it is time to wake up or sleep.”

The game “Pokemon Go”, which was created by the company and used by millions, has become a global phenomenon.

The free-to-play game uses geolocations, graphics, and cameras to place cartoon characters in actual places, and players have to capture them.

However, users of the game were accused of causing traffic accidents and violations while roaming the streets while they were using their phones.

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Pokemon has achieved worldwide success since its launch in 1996 in the form of a video game on Nintendo’s Game Boy devices.