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Turris OS 5.2 was released.  Powerful Czech Wi-Fi routers are a little better

Turris OS 5.2 was released. Powerful Czech Wi-Fi routers are a little better

CZ.NIC has released another version of Turris OS 5.2.0 based on OpenWRT. Network equipment owners Turris 1.x, Omnia, …

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Czechoslovakia does not Issued Another version of Turris OS 5.2.0 based on OpenWRT. Owners of Turris 1.x, Omnia, Mox or Shield Network devices can look forward to new features and other settings that can be modified from the new ReForris interface. The update is automatically available to all people using Turris OS 4.x and 5.x. As for version 3.x, it is still beta only and can only be done manually.

Exotic Czech routers received a new version of Turris OS 5.0

For example, the WebApps introductory screen, which acts as a semaphore between Foris (old), ReForris (new) and LuCI (taken from OpenWRT) web interfaces, is now In dark mode, But the aforementioned interfaces are really bright.

Useful news Settings using a USB flash drive, Which will be useful for laptops that do not have Ethernet or a suitable adapter. Just upload the configuration file named medkit-config.json to flash in FAT32, ext4, Btrfs or XFS format and paste this code in it, for example documentation.

{“foris_password”: “ForisPassword_ChangeThis!”, “wireless”: {“ssid”: “TurrisConfigWifi”, “key”: “WiFiPassword_ChangeThis!” }}

After the first boot, the device password, wireless network name and password will be set accordingly, so that further configuration can be done from laptop via Wi-Fi.

ReForis has a new one Summary, Which shows notifications, active services, or ping. In the tab storage It is possible to set the system registry to be saved to the connected card, flash or SSD instead of RAM, as the registry will be deleted after restart. It is finally possible to restart from ReForis For factory settings.

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Three new packages have been added (optional). Help Attractions as a service (HaaS), users with a public IP address can participate in monitoring hacking attempts on the network. RIPE Atlas SW SIP constantly monitors Internet availability (works over SSH). It’s new, too Password Quality Control, ReForris will alert you if it’s already been hacked and how many people have already appeared on the HaaS list.

Many miniPCIe or USB devices such as LTE modems, Wi-Fi cards, or USB tuners The drivers will be downloaded automatically. CZ.NIC finally edited the page with The diagnosis.

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